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We do not serve fast food; we serve great food, fast!

Fish and Chips – About Max Box

Established in 2009 Max Box has reintroduced delicious home-style Fish and Chips and other meals into a modern society, so that people can enjoy the benefits of flavorsome food without the hassle of having to prepare the meals themselves. Our stores serve high quality products at affordable prices for every member of the family. Routine store inspections ensure that all quality and hygiene standards remain a top priority


At Max Box we have optimized the fish and chips fast food concept, making it one of the most lucrative investments for any new owner.

Fish and Chips History

The Max Box Fish and Chips concept is originally from the United Kingdom. It became a stock meal among the working classes in Great Britain as a consequence of the rapid development of trawl fishing (the net that is used) in the North Sea. It stays unclear when and where exactly these two trades became a joined entity, to then become the fish and chip shop industry we know today. The first recorded combined fish and chips shop in London was opened by Joseph Malin from 1860 to 1865.

Over the years it has become just as popular in Australia, UK, New Zealand, South Africa, Netherlands, Norway and increasingly so in the United States and elsewhere in the world.

Fish and chips is a deep fried fish in a batter served with deep fried chips on the side. In chip shops across the globe, chips spice, salt and vinegar is traditionally sprinkled over fish and chips before it is served, making it an even tastier dish.

Fish and chips have separately been consumed for many years, even though potato was not introduced to Europe until the very late 17th century. The authentic Sephardi recipe ‘’Pescado Frito’’ also today known as ‘’deep fried fish’’ came to England and Netherlands with the Portuguese and Spanish Jews in the 17th and 18th centuries.
In Britain, fried potatoes are called ‘’fries’’ while the Americans call them ‘’French fries’’. The combination is still called fish and chips. The potato chip is an American invention. It is a different potato-derived food, and is known as crisps in the United Kingdom. In South Africa we tend to call slightly under fried chips – Slap Chips.

Fish and Chips - Max Box About

British chips (like at Max Box) are usually thicker than American style French fries sold at fast food franchises, resulting in a lesser fat content per portion. In the comfort of their homes or in non-franchise restaurants, people in or from the USA may eat a thicker type of chip, more similar to the British alternative, sometimes referred to as ‘’steak-fries’’.

Fish and Chips shops by tradition used to wrap their product in a newspaper with an inner layer of grease proof paper. Hygiene and health precautions have almost diminished the use of newspaper for wrapping in today’s society, which has resulted in companies like the Royalty Free Max Box Franchise to use newsprints and boxes.

Fry-day is Fish and Chips day!

The time-honoured Roman catholic tradition of not eating meat on Fridays, especially not during lent, has really boosted the Fish and Chips trade. On that day substituting fish for other types of meats, continues to influence practice even in primarily Protestant, semi-secular and secular societies.

Friday nights remain, even at today’s modernised Max Box outlets, a traditional event for eating fish and chips. Many food stores and similar establishments adjust their menus on other days of the week and will offer fish and chips traditionally every Friday.



Fish and Chips
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This is what people had to say about MAX BOX.

Ek is regtig baie ingenome met die netheid en die absolute puik diens wat ek by alldie staff gekry het. – M.Henning

Excellent service the chips are devine! Keep coming back for more! Keep it up. Good value for money. – Zee and Ntee

You guy’s chips are really really really really really….. AWSOME.. It is like heaven on earth best chips i have ever tasted!Do not ever move your shop stay right here and bless us with your wonderfull food. Keep up the good work i am your favourite customer!!!!! – Modisa

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