The first of its kind to introduce a royalty free franchise package in the South African fast food industry, Max Box is a unique business model engineered with the owner in mind.

We understand the need of our franchisees, as we were franchisees before, so we have firsthand experience on what worked for us as owners. With years of experience since 2009, we have identified the problems within the franchise model.

We strive to run our franchise based on mutual respect and working closely together with our franchisees. It became very clear to us that we had to reshape our strategy.

Royalty Free Franchise Benefits

  • No royalties.
  • Convenient and discounted product purchasing.
  • Input in product development and implementation.
  • Ongoing brand building.
  • Networking with franchisees to optimize operations and profit margins.

Royalty Free Franchise Setup cost

MAX BOX boasts a low setup cost of R 599 000 including Vat (excludes start-up stock) depending on shop size, interior and location.

This would typically include all development costs (excluding 3 phase installation) from the project initiation; in other words, from the store design to the store launch.

A more detailed development cost projection is available further into the application process. Rather than basing the marketing fee on each store’s monthly turnover, Max Box offers a low monthly marketing fee therefore it is hassle free and no monthly audits or lengthy financial returns are required.

A deposit is required by head office upon approval of your application. The balance is due prior to commencement of building of the new franchised store.

MAX BOX premises and location suggestions include

  • A minimum shop size of 35m2 and maximum of 70m2
  • Must have plumbing installed to franchise specifications and 3 phase power, with a minimum of 80 – 100 amps per phase required.
  • If electricity supply is a problem we will use gas as an alternative.
  • Must be able to install extractor canopy.
  • All franchise inquiries are dealt with on a site-to-site basis and we expect prospective franchisees to identify potential sites within their selected town/city, unless sites are available that we have sourced.
  • Applicants are strongly advised not to enter into any lease agreement for any premises without first obtaining the advice of Max Box management.
  • Acquire the landlords contact details if possible with exact address of shop/premise.

Once you have located a shop with the above criteria, you may contact us (details below) to conduct a site inspection where we will select the best option according to your possibilities. Based on this selection we will conduct a formal site evaluation. The shop layouts have evolved vastly over the last few years but have all been designed with a modern feel. Max Box wanted to achieve a clean look, with spacious marble floors and stainless steel fittings which synched perfectly with the shops high efficiency.


We provide intensive training for our franchisees, which encompasses practical on the job training as well as theoretical training. The training provided is extensive and sufficiently comprehensive to ensure that a new franchisee is familiar with every aspect of the business prior to opening. The franchisee must have the ability to train subsequent/replacement staff at a level of efficiency sufficient to ensure the communication and maintenance of all of Max Box’s standards.


Does Max Box assist in finding a suitable space?

It is in our best interest to assist you in finding the perfect site for you.

”Location! Location! Location!”

We encourage potential franchisees to also go out there and identify potential sites which can then be presented to us. A feasibility study will then be made on your proposed site in order for it getting approved by Max Box head office.

Who assists with landlord negotiations?
Our team will assist the franchisee with lease negotiations.
Who recruits my staff?
The franchisee is responsible for his/her new staff members. MaxBox may offer aid in the selection process, however the task is on the franchisee to recruit and select his/her crew.
Where does training take place?
Training is carried out at a designated MaxBox training store.
What does the joining fee cover?
  • Brand name and use of associated Intellectual property of the brand
  • Operations manual
  • Drafting of franchise agreement
  • Training manual
  • Max Box website link
  • Assistance in negotiating your lease agreement
How long does it take to complete a shop?

The construction of an outlet can approximately take 4 weeks to complete from the time when the lease, franchise agreement and deposit are in order.

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